Income Tax Return (ITR) Filing

At Atara Multi Tasking Service, we offer a comprehensive ITR filing service to help individuals and businesses comply with their tax obligations and avoid any penalties. Our experienced and knowledgeable tax experts are equipped to handle the complexities of tax regulations and ensure that our clients’ tax returns are filed accurately and on time.
We provide ITR filing services for the following forms: ITR-1, ITR-2, ITR-3, ITR-4, ITR-5, ITR-6, and ITR-7. Each form is designed to meet the unique needs of a specific category of taxpayers, such as salaried individuals, business owners, professionals, and trusts.
Our ITR filing services include the following:


We provide consultation services to help our clients understand their tax obligations and the requirements for filing their ITR.


We assist our clients in collecting the necessary information and preparing their ITR, ensuring that all deductions and credits are claimed accurately.


We handle the filing of our clients’ ITR electronically, ensuring that they are submitted on time and in accordance with all regulations.


We follow up with the tax authorities to ensure that our clients’ ITR is processed smoothly and efficiently.
By using our ITR filing services, our clients can ensure that their tax obligations are met, their ITR is filed accurately and on time, and they avoid any penalties or legal repercussions. This can help them focus on their core business activities and achieve their financial and personal goals.
At Atara Multi Tasking Service, we are committed to providing our clients with innovative and reliable services that help them succeed in their personal and professional lives. Contact us today to learn more about our ITR filing services and how we can help you comply with your tax obligations with ease.